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How Do I Franchise My Business (The Right Way)?

  One of the driving reasons we started the Franchise GrowthLab Consulting came from a combination of our experience building franchise brands across North America and my having seen so many brands launch during my time as Chair of the Canadian Franchise Association. And being in this position, I get asked the question “how do …

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The 10 Habits of Best in Class Franchisors

The Only Framework You Need To Scale Your Franchise System

John built one of the fastest growing and best operated franchise systems in the country before he exited in 2019 by being highly disciplined in using Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits checklist. Through his experience and his learnings from other best in class franchisors, he adapted this list specifically for the franchise industry. 


The Top 10 Habits checklist provides the 10 most important functions that should be on autopilot for your franchise business to grow and scale predictably and smoothly.