The Hartify Method for Franchise Coaching & Support

Once you learn how to sell franchises, what will be the next obstacle to your company’s growth?

The answer: your franchisees. As much as you love them, you wonder:

  • Why don’t they follow your system?
  • Why aren’t they growing faster?
  • Why do they seem to blame head office for everything?
  • Why do they always complain?
  • Why don’t they value what we are doing for them?

Franchise Operations is where founders often get bogged down. Your franchise sales are growing, but now you must launch, support, coach, and build strong relationships with your franchisees while helping them maximize their top and bottom lines. Oh, and you need to fiercely protect your brand at the same time. Supporting your franchisees well is a massive undertaking and is the foundation of becoming a successful franchisor. It is also far easier said than done.


Welcome to the Hartify Method for Franchise Coaching & Support

The “Why” behind the system

We have to support our franchisees in order for their locations to flourish. We can’t just sell people a franchise, and then expect them to build and operate a successful business by reading the operations manual and going through some training. It just doesn’t work that way.

The best-performing franchise brands provide intensive coaching and support, particularly in the early stages of the franchisee building their new business. A good franchisee support program has three objectives:

  1. To help drive a franchisee’s financial performance (revenue and profitability)
  2. To build and foster a good working relationship
  3. To ensure compliance and maintain brand standards

To be clear, these three goals are listed in their order of importance. When building and operating your franchise system, you will be swamped with an ever-growing list of priorities. Distill this list down to one critical item, and if you can keep this a TOP priority year after year, your franchisees will be grateful.

Relentlessly help your franchise partners make more money year after year

Let Franchise GrowthLab help you with your franchisee problems and get you focused on driving franchisee profitability.

The Hartify Method for Coaching & Support was built to help you succeed in a number of strategic areas:

  • Build a more profitable system
  • Build a system with powerful Franchisee engagement
  • Build a system to maximize Franchisee performance and happiness

Here is snapshot of what our Hartify Method for Franchise Coaching & Support entails:


Coaching & Support Cycle

Great systems aren’t built overnight, nor do they work perfectly right out of the box. We believe in an iterative approach to building strong coaching and support systems. Franchise GrowthLab brings our collective experience and knowledge of building key systems effectively for multiple brands, meaning you don’t need to start from zero. You will benefit right out of the gate from our past mistakes and lessons learned, instead of making those common mistakes yourself. The strength of your Franchisee coaching and support systems will ultimately be the multiplier to the growth of your brand.


Franchisor Operations Bootcamp

Operations is all about putting thoughts into action and making those actions replicable through process. Our process is a six-month structured boot camp consisting of weekly calls with the Franchise GrowthLab team. These calls will not only give you valuable insights and best practices, but also tangible tools you can put to use right away to execute on maximizing the performance and the engagement of your franchisees.


Financial Baseline

The foundation of any effective coaching and support program is establishing your system’s Key Performance Indicators. Franchise GrowthLab will work with you to establish these key metrics for both you as a Franchisor as well as your Franchisees. Once established, we will build the tools needed to help you track and manage these numbers because we have learned that you cannot manage what you do not measure.


Launch Protocol and Onboarding

One of the most important stages in the success of any franchise system is launching new locations. Franchise GrowthLab can help by reviewing and refining the key systems that comprise your launch process. Building great launch systems is only half the battle, so we will also make sure you are training and supporting your new partners on the key areas as identified in month one.


Growth Coaching

How are you making sure your locations are not only hitting the ground running but continuing to push growth in both revenue and profitability? Franchise GrowthLab’s experienced Franchise Coaches will give you the systems and tools needed for effective coaching calls, health checks, and field visits.


Culture & Communication

Having grown franchise systems recognized nationally for their culture, we know a thing or two about proactively shaping company culture. Frequent, open, and intentional communication is key. Franchise GrowthLab will help you develop a communication system that includes weekly touch points, Annual Conference best practices, and everything in between. Through this robust communication system, you will  able to scale the Founder as the system scales, while maintaining your brand’s original culture.



One of the main reasons business owners choose a franchise is for its systems. Surprisingly, as new franchise locations grow, they will occasionally test those very same systems that originally attracted them. As a Franchisor, you can’t be there every second of every day to make sure each step is being followed, but you can make it easier by setting the guidelines. With proper compliance systems in place, you can measure how well locations are adhering to your proven systems (compliance) while growing the brand in their individual market.


Level-Up Support Programs

Believe it or not, your relationship with each franchise will not always be blissful, but it can always be productive. Franchise Lab  will help you understand the six stages of the franchisee/franchisor relationship and how best to work within each stage. We also know the value of having the input of seasoned franchise partners into the growth of your system, so it’s important to give them outlets for feedback such as a Franchise Advisory Council and a Franchise Business Review.


Maximize Location Growth

One of the best ways to ensure continuous system growth is to invest in teaching your partners how to set real goals, and more importantly, execute on them (and we aren’t talking about” smart” goals because “smart” goals aren’t really that” smart’). By building a system that every partner will use, you gain valuable insight into your annual training focus but also your own revenue projections (royalties). We will also touch on how to build a strategic planning process into your franchise system. This is obviously easier said than done, but don’t worry, you will have HFC as an expert in your back pocket.

How does this program help our clients?

Higher Performing Franchisees

Higher performing franchisees means higher royalties, better validation, and far higher franchisee satisfaction leading to more franchise sales.   Running a franchise company is far easier when this is the case. This should absolutely be one of your TOP priorities when building and operating a franchise system. Our Franchise GrowthLab systems will help you drive your overall franchisee performance.


More Powerful Relationships With Your Franchisees

Franchising is difficult because you have an interdependent relationship – you aren’t successful without your franchisees; and your franchisees aren’t successful with you. And in an interdependent relationship, friction is unavoidable; and can come fast and fierce amidst the roller coaster ride of owning and growing a small business. Our tried and tested Franchise GrowthLab  systems will empower you to communicate clearly in all situations and ultimately, to build a culture of trust, respect and high engagement.


Scaling You, The Founder

Growth is good – for you. But for your franchisees, growth, particularly fast growth, can be very challenging. As your system grows, you as Founder become busier and busier and less and less visible to your franchisees. Having strong Founder engagement is a lynchpin of ensuring strong franchisee engagement and the overall success of a franchise brand. The Franchise GrowthLab systems will enable you to “Scale the Founder” so that even as you grow, your franchise partners will still feel your connection and leadership, without you being on speed dial.


Have WAY More Fun

Franchising should be fun, right? You are building a national brand that will be used by tens of thousands (maybe more) of people, and hopefully your brand is on its way to someday becoming a household name! Here is a secret we learned building our own system: creating a powerful culture where you have high franchisee engagement and your franchisees make money, makes franchising a lot more fun. We can’t be more clear than that.

Are you ready to overhaul your franchise Coaching and Support process?

We have customers graduating every quarter, and we only take on 4 new Hartify Method for Franchise Coaching & Support clients each quarter.

An Additional Service for a select few clients:

For a short list of clients who fit our criteria, we offer our Back Pocket Growth Coach, where we take over your entire Coaching & Support process and execute it for you from start to finish. Let us know if you are interested. We have a long waitlist, but it’s worth it.


We get a lot of questions on our first call. Here are the answers to some of them.

We have one price for all of our Franchise Operations clients and we have priced this program so that most franchise systems in Canada can afford it. We are a bit crazy that way. Our mission is to help, so we needed to make our years of expertise, experience, and our brain power affordable so most brands can hire us for this service. Call us at 778-836-0469 to find out more.

The Hartify Method for Franchise Coaching & Support System is a six-month program, start to finish. At the end you will have:

  • A complete system in place, with content, materials and scripts;
  • A fully implemented Growth Coaching System;
  •  Peace of mind that you are doing the right things when it comes to supporting and coaching your franchisees so they, and you, can succeed

Once your Franchise Operations systems are in place, the project is complete. Of course, at Hartify Franchise Consulting, we are always happy to continue helping your brand. In fact, most of our clients have kept working with us after the Coaching & Support Program has ended. We will make it super easy for you to do that. Whether it is sales coaching or strategy, we want to be there when you take your baby steps, so we will make it work. 

First, we put a lot of time into vetting you as a prospective client. We only want to work with groups we like. So right away, that’s a pretty good start. Second, so far, that has never happened. It is working out pretty well for us. Third, if something did go astray, then we would probably both feel it. And trust me, we are far past the point of working only to make make money. We only do this because we love it. And if we don’t love working with you or visa versa, then no problem. Finito!

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John built one of the fastest growing and best operated franchise systems in the country before he exited in 2019 by being highly disciplined in using Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits checklist. Through his experience and his learnings from other best in class franchisors, he adapted this list specifically for the franchise industry.


The Top 10 Habits checklist provides the 10 most important functions that should be on autopilot for your franchise business to grow and scale predictably and smoothly.